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Mystavaria is an up and coming text-based MUD RPG, currently in development. We have created this space to share our plans, progress and updates, lore and other behind-the-scenes musings.

Recent Updates from the Developer Blog

Updates: August 2022

Probably needless to say and as one would expect after having builders enter the world for the first time, a number of “quirks” were found, so we spent the first week of August…

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Updates: July 2022

The end of July came with a super exciting update, which is that we got Mystavaria hosted on an actual, real live server. We spent quite a bit of time doing some boring…

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Updates: June 2022

June was a fun month with a large focus on the implementation of our crafting skills. We have put a lot of work into making an easy to use, but highly dynamic system…

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