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About Mystavaria:

Everything starts with a dream!

Mystavaria is a text-based MUD RPG… or, in other words, a multi-user dungeon, role-playing game. We are currently in the pre-alpha development phase but hope to open our world to the world (so to speak) in late 2022.

Now at this point, you might be wondering, “What the hell is a text-based game?” or better yet, “Why the hell would anyone play a game without graphics?” Well, there is no short answer to these questions, but we invite you to step into Mystavaria and see for yourself.

Text-based games may not sound interesting, but the reality is that they are somewhat like reading a good book but with the power to manipulate the story. You are in control of the main character and have the power to respond and evolve the world in whatever ways you want.

From controlling the weather, building an empire, becoming a successful artisan, to living a peaceful life farming and breeding animals, you will have that power and capability in Mystavaria.

Mystavaria is world full of rich history and lore, secrets hidden throughout the land, ready to be uncovered. Not much is known about how Mystavaria came to be, only rumors and stories. It will be challenging, but isn’t every good mystery? It’s time to follow the clues, if not in reality, then in your dreams.

Not convinced yet? We plan for Mystavaria to take from some of the most recurrent themes in gaming and combine them with a unique twist on traditional classes and skills. Our world has a complex dream realm, where Dreamweavers can create dreamscapes, shaped to their imagination and Sky Prophets can wield the power of weather manipulation. But what if you just want to be a traditional sword-wielding warrior? Don’t worry – we’ve made sure that’s still completely possible!

Read more about our classes here, or learn about our vast selection of skills from major to minor. We also have a selection of crafting skills and gathering skills for those who prefer to build and create.

While Mystavaria will be an ever-expanding world, we are launching with two main player-run cities: Praestantia and Meliora. Learn more about the cities and their politics or general geography of Mystavaria here.

Finally, we intend on having an expansive, immersive and encompassing gameplay that will allow any player to ascend to the role of Demi-God. The fight doesn’t end here. The power of dreams ebbs and flows and this will be evident in the war of Realms. Demi-Gods will be involved in an everlasting fight for power and survival. Whatever path they choose, they will have the ability to develop their realms and influence mortals for better or for worse. Though, if Demi-Gods are not careful, their power can be stripped, leaving their godly mantle ready to be taken over by someone else.

Although the game is not live yet, we run an active Discord server and post updates almost every day. If you’re interested, we’d be thrilled to have you join us!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Alora, Goddess of Dreams and Aion, God of Reality