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Accessible Gaming

Will I be able to play Mystavaria?

We are highly committed to making Mystavaria an accessible game in order to allow players of all types to have the best experience possible.

The framework Mystavaria is built upon is screenreader friendly by default, but we have also added many settings in the game world that allow players to further customise and improve playability. These options include shortening room descriptions, the ability to show or hide certain portions of text, change the display format of tabled information to a straight list output, modify information you want displayed in a static prompt (such as health and mana), and creating personal aliases for in game commands and objects.

We are always open to feedback and suggestions for how to further improve the experience for screenreaders, and would welcome any thoughts you have!

Our phase one release will not include any soundpacks, however it is on our list of features we would like to have and we would love to collaborate with anyone knowledgeable that might be willing to help with this project!