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The Original Cities of Mystavaria


The city of Glory

It is believed that Praestantia was founded by defecting Meliurans, who could no longer live under the restraints of ‘good’. Praestantia is often seen as evil, but that is a matter of perception. Praestantians simply do not work within the confines of ‘good’ and ‘innocence’, to them, there is no such thing as good and evil, there is only failure and success. The weak and the strong. Obscurity and glory.


The city of Hope

Meliurans believe in the goodness of others. They value kindness and justice equally, and strive to improve their fellow citizen’s value of life. Meliurans stand up for the weak and bring oppressors to their knees. Despite all of this, it is well known that Meliurans have a weakness when it comes to Praestantia and tend to ignore their values when fighting against them.