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Classes of Mystavaria

Mystavaria will start with 5 default classes – or “professions” – to choose from. Within each class, there are at least 4 different major skills available for players to choose from. They will select 2 of these major skills, then choose 3 minor skills to augment their class choice.


Warriors are primarily a melee and combat based class. They rely on weapons, but are also augmented by a variety of magic based abilities.

Become an agile Blademaster, dual wielding lightswords into graceful attacks, or pursue the life of a Berserker, wielding heavy two-handed weaponry with reckless abandon. Alternatively, take on the life of a Tactician, using traps and tactical abilities to gain the upper-hand, pursue the route of a traditional Holy Paladin, imbue your weapons with the elements as an Elemental Knight OR become a Dream-Killer, using dream magic to stop dream magic.


Mages are the most traditional of magic users, employing various spells and enchantments to overwhelm their opponent.

Elementalists call upon the elements, conjuring everything from fireballs to floods or causing full on earthquakes. Arcane Warriors border the line of the warrior class, but use magic to conjure weapons and arcane enchantments. Mages have access to three types of summoning skills: Demonic Summoning, Druidic Summoning and Dream Summoning. Each type summons different creatures, which will all fight by your side. And finally, the Dreamweaver, a mage that channels magic from the dream realm, casting powerful illusions and gaining the ability to create their own dreamscape.


Seers tend to be a mysterious class, focused on learning magic with prophetic nature and influencing their target

Influence and control the weather with Sky Prophecy, wield the power of the sun, moon and stars via Astrology, learn to manipulate voodoo dolls and place powerful hexes on your opponents using the ancient art of Voodoo, discover the paths of Black and White Magic through Witchcraft or channel the pillars of creation as a Dreamseeker.


Sylvans are dwellers of the forests, with an inclination toward the natural world.

They have a diverse selection of skills, allowing them to become traditional earth magic Druids, Rangers that wield a bow and arrow, utilizing the forest to become self-reliant fighters, or choose the peaceful path of Nemophilism, a skill focused more on natural forest tending and spiritualistic healing for those that prefer a more pacifist life. Morph your body and limbs into various animals with the Beast skill or even convert entire villages into forests as a Vinedreamer.


Cultists walk a darker path than the other professions. While not innately evil, their power is a gift from the most evil of beings.

They can wield the power of the Shadows, lead hordes of demons with Demonic Summoning, practice death and black magic with Sorcery, build a brotherhood of blood with Haemomancy, or be the source of nightmares by becoming a Mara.