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How do I play?

Get prepared.

At the moment, Mystavaria is not yet live. We are currently in the pre-alpha development phase, hoping to open up our world to the world (so to speak) in early 2023.

As soon as we do that, we will have an online client available to play Mystavaria right through your web browser! However, we recommend using a MUD client for an improved user experience and advanced customisation.

Our current MUD client of choice is MUSHclient and Mystavaria has been the most tested and optimized for this client. That said, we’re still fans of old school zMUD and happy to report that Mystavaria is still perfectly playable on that – the colours just won’t be quite as pretty.

In the meantime, come hang out with us on Discord, where you can provide feedback on what we’re developing and help us shape the world into the game of (y)our dreams.