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Mystavarian Skills

Mystavaria has a wide variety of skill selection and customization available to our players, from general skills that everyone gets, to chosen professional skills, crafting and gathering skills, and even rumours of secret skills with possibilities to be unlocked.

Professional Skills

Major and Minor

Once Mystavarians have selected a profession, they will unlock access to a variety of specialized skills. Rather than forcing a locked set of skills upon all members of the same class, we allow adventurers to choose from a list of major and minor skills for maximum customization tailored to their own play style.

General Skills

General skills are additional abilities that all Mystavarians get, regardless of the Profession they choose. These skills include things like basic combat, defense, abilities to ride and care for animals, utility skills to make life easier and a unique skill called Dreamlore that opens up a whole new world of possibility via interaction with Mystavaria’s Dream Realm.

Crafting Skills

Mystavaria recognizes that not every player has the same goal. Crafting skills allow those that are interested to make useful items (for themselves or others) and potentially run their own shops and/or trade business to make some coin doing it.

Gathering Skills

Along with the crafting skills, Mystavaria will cater to those that would rather run their own Farmland or hoard a treasure trove of harvested commodities. Players can pick 2 of these skills, and they will improve passively with use (or actively with lessons).

Forgotten Skills

Rumour has it that Mystavaria lies home to even more skills… but only time will tell if these secrets can be uncovered!